What is the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice

Client Protection Initiative?

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Principled Leadership

We believe that it is vital that all clients - including those individuals experiencing homosexual attractions - are protected from harmful therapeutic practices. We hear about "harm" but what exactly is therapeutic harm and what can we do to stop it? The Alliance proposes some answers to those and other important questions. 

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Reporting Harm

Licensed professional therapists who fail to respect client self-determination, use aversive techniques or allow client coercion are practicing unethically. Protecting sound, ethical therapy and client self-determination should be a priority for every mental health organization. Find out what we are doing to preserve these essential values. 

Model Legislation

Some states have passed legislation that protects some clients while limiting the rights, ignoring the values, and eliminating opportunities for many, many others. Find out more about how we can use the legislative process to protect clients from real harm by reviewing the model bill we are proposing for consideration across the nation.