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First, providing a clear and responsible definition of what constitutes therapeutic harm for clients experiencing homosexual attractions. 

What is Therapeutic Harm?


Aversion: Using any technique that involves inflicting physical pain or physical discomfort on a client (e.g. electroshock, drugs to induce nausea, physical restraint, etc.) for the purpose of altering a client's sexual attractions, feelings, behaviors or orientation or gender perception.​

Coercion: Compelling any mental health treatment by use of threats, force, or rejection, or intentionally creating feelings of obligation through a display of anger or hurt by a person whom the client loves or respects.


Conversion: Any mental health treatment related to sexual attractions, feelings, behaviors or orientation in which a therapist takes or advocates a position that is either affirming or negative with respect to the client’s sexual attractions, feelings, orientation, or lawful and medically safe behaviors. It is any mental health therapy that fails to respect client self-determination.

We need to understand that using aversive therapeutic techniques, coercing someone into therapy and the failure to provide treatment that is non-manipulative, evenhanded and centered on the  client's self-determined values

and life goals are all harmful! 

The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity opposes - without reservation - these harmful breaches of ethics by licensed, professional mental health providers.