2020 Institute Registration Fees: (normally $250.00)

Alliance Partners $75.00 (individuals who already donate $80 or more annually)

Non-partners $100.00

Student Partners $20.00 (starving students scholarship available)

Combination - New Partner annual donation and Institute registration fee $125.00 (you join the Alliance for only $50 and get the discounted registration fee) 

Special $50.00 registration for developing Asian, African and Eastern European residents

The 2020 Institute will be an on-line, two-night virtual meeting with an additional seven prerecorded sessions!

Thursday night - September 24 (Live session):

8:15 EST  Welcome - Dr. Keith Vennum, Alliance President

8:30 EST, 7:30 CST, 6:30 MST, 5:30: PST

Keynote Address:

Paul D. Sullins, PhD. Rev.

Faltering Certainties: Born That Way, Minority

Stress and the Healthy Homosexual (RE100)

Question and Answer Session follows

Dr. Sullins recently retired as Professor of Sociology at the Catholic University of America, Washington DC. A leader in the field of research on same-sex parenting and its implications for child development. He has written four books and over 100 journal articles, research reports, and essays on issues of family, faith, and culture and continues as Research Professor and Director of the Leo Initiative for Social Research at Catholic University, as well as Director of the Summer Institute of Catholic Social Thought. He is a Fellow of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI), and was Ignatius Loyola Fellow for Catholic Identity at the Center for the Advancement of Catholic Higher Education. Formerly Episcopalian, Dr. Sullins is a married Catholic priest. He earned his PhD. at Catholic University and taught there until his retirement. He and his wife Patricia have an inter-racial family of three children, two adopted.

Friday night - September 25 (Live session):

8:30 EST, 7:30 CST, 6:30 MST, 5:30 PST

Featured Presentation:

Sheri L. Golden, PhD., LPC

Digital Media and Social Isolation: Negative

Influences on Gender Ideology and Sexual

Development for Adolescent Population in

the U.S. (NT200)


10:00 EST, 9:00 CST, 8:00 MST, 7:00: PST

Featured Presentation:

Bryan Shen, MMSAC Reg. Counselor

Reaching people with same-sex attractions

in conservative religious communities. (CL210)

Sheri Golden holds a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, and an MS in Human Services and Mental Health Counseling, with a specialization in Human Sexuality, from Capella University. Dr. Golden practices as a licensed professional counselor at Steeple Counseling LLC, and is the Director of Counselor Education, at The Steeple Institute in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Dr. Golden currently serves as a member of the Alliance Research Committee.

Bryan Shen is a professional counselor and supervisor registered in Singapore. He is also an independent lay missionary since 1997. He speaks, teaches and counsels in Thai or English. Besides counselling Singaporeans, he has done much counselling work with seminarians in religious training houses in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines and also provides training to professional counselors in these countries. Bryan continues to update himself through detailed case studies, professional conferences and training with leading therapists and professionals in the US, Asia and Europe, and is also a Board Member of the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice.

Pre-recorded sessions:

Educational and Clinical Workshop: Julie Hamilton, PhD.

Family Therapy and Childhood Gender Confusion (NT300)


Clinical Workshop: David Pickup, LMFT - 

Solutions to the ‘Roadblocks' that Clients Experience in Therapy (CL300)

Medical Workshop: Keith Vennum, M.D. -

 Managing Psychiatric Conditions in SAFE-T (ME400)

Research Workshop: Christopher Rosik, PhD. -

Research Designs, Limitations and Questionable Practices:

A primer with 4options research update (RE200)

Medical Workshop: Anthony Duk, M.D. -

Psychiatric Research Correlates Seen in Sexual Minority Clients (ME200)

Educational and Clinical Workshop: Bryan Shen, MMSAC, Registered Counselor

Educating Counselors, Families and Communities on the factors contributing to Same Sex Attractions and Gender Dysphoria. (CL100)

Clinical Workshop: Michael Cox, LCSW

The Change Cycle (CL400)

All sessions will be recorded and any Institute registrant can access and view those (live and pre-recorded sessions) at any time after the live Institute meetings end.

Alliance 2019 Institute Report


By Christopher Rosik, PhD


The annual conference of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity was held this year at Arizona Christian University in Glendale, AZ. Enthusiastic attendees from around the country enjoyed food, fellowship, and cutting-edge seminars on a variety of topics. Our keynote speaker was Christopher Doyle, MA, LPC, who is a licensed psychotherapist, executive director of the Institute for Healthy Families, Founder and Director of Northern Virginia Christian Counseling, and a mental health counselor and staff member at Patrick Henry College. Christopher spoke compassionately about his work with families who are dealing with a sexual minority child and the need to promote healthy relationships and boundaries within the family system. He cautioned that a focus on sexual attractions and identity is often not productive in such work and any changes in sexuality possible may come downstream of promoting greater health and attachment within family relationships. In an earlier breakout session, Christopher also spoke about his recent book, The war on psychotherapy, which documents the strategies and distortions of those promoting therapy bans.


Other presenters included Laura Haynes, Ph.D., who reviewed the purported genetic and biological influences that may give rise to same-sex attractions and behaviors and provided information suggesting even some scholars within the American Psychological Association have indicated there is room for psychological factors to be considered. She cited research that affirms the reality of sexual orientation fluidity and change, contending that messages denying this possibility and alienating individuals from their faith and family may in fact contribute to hopelessness and suicidality among religiously conservative sexual minorities. She contended that the relevant scientific literature supports the rights of individuals to pursue sexual attraction fluidity exploration in therapy (SAFE-T).


In addition, David Pickup, MFT, and Robert Vazzo, MFT, shared with attendees the utility of Image Transformation Therapy (ImTT) with clients generally and same-sex attracted men in particular. They engaged attendees in a demonstration of ImTT and encouraged them to investigate this relatively new approach. In another workshop, Mike Cox, LCSW, shared his cognitive-behavioral, change focused, and client-centered approach to assisting clients overcome stumbling blocks and achieving change in their lives. Andy Visser, MA, shared his insights on how people can form safe, loving, and nurturing relationships with LGBT-identified persons. Jenae Juarez, LCSW, shared her experiences working with Native American peoples in Arizona. She provided a detailed cultural history of the Native American Tribes of Arizona, including their attitudes toward same-sex attractions, that could aid therapists encountering this often poorly understood cultural group. David Pruden, MA, and Geoff Heath, JD, reviewed the rationale for the Alliance’s “No Harm” initiative and went over the specific content proposed for model legislation that could change the conversation around therapy bans.


Other presenters included current Alliance President Keith Vennum, MD, Monica Breaux, PhD, MSW, Christopher Rosik, Ph.D., and Phil Sutton, Ph.D. This year two President’s Awards for outstanding service to the Alliance were conferred, one to long time Executive Director David Pruden, MA, and the other to Past Alliance President Carolyn Pela, Ph.D. 


Overall, the 2019 conference provided an excellent opportunity to be exposed to professional scholars, topics, and perspectives that are largely ignored within contemporary mental health associations as they move away from traditional values and toward a left-of center ideological domination regarding matters of human sexuality. If, upon reading this recap, you wish you could have attended this year’s conference, the Alliance would encourage you to reserve the dates of September 25th and 26th, 2020, in your calendar now, when next year’s conference will return to Orlando, Florida. 

Plan to attend

The 2021 Alliance Institute:

Call for Workshop Presentations for 2021


The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice holds an annual training institute in the fall of each year where licensed counselors, therapists, academics and other para-professionals can participate in a professional training program - open to all conference attendees -that leads to an Alliance Preferred Provider status for referral therapists and a similar recognition for students, new professionals, and non-referral clinicians. The faculty for the professional training program are selected by the Board of Directors from established Alliance member therapists, physicians, academics and researchers.


In addition, we invite all Alliance for Therapeutic Choice members to participate as a workshop presenter or discussion leader at the annual Training Institute on clinical, legal, sociological, research, health and other related issues concerning various aspects of human sexuality, addictions, pornography, homosexuality, etc.

To apply to be a 2021 conference presenter (May, 31, 2021 deadline):


1. You must be an Alliance Partner member in good standing.

2. Provide a proposed workshop topic, an outline of the workshop content, and the proposed learning format (lecture, video presentation, panel discussion, etc.) along with any audio visual needs.

3. Include a brief professional biography and personal photo.

4. Describe briefly the learning objectives (what would someone learn, understand or gain) for those who attend.

Want to know more about the Alliance Training Institute? Check out some of the information below about past keynote speakers and conferences!

Past Conferences / Awards
Keynote - Hall of Honor
2019 Institute Photos
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