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The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity wants to invite all licensed, professional counselors and psychotherapists to become a clinical partner and join our therapists referral list. Clinical partners are also invited to join our monthly clinical discussion group.

Every month scores of individuals and families contact the Alliance looking for counselors in their area. They are looking for you!


1. You become an Alliance partner by donating $80.00 or more to the            Alliance annually.

2. By contacting the office ( you can let       us know you want to join the monthly clinical discussion group.

3. You can also contact the office and request an application to become a        referral therapist.

      (open to Alliance partner licensed, professional therapists who agree to practice in accordance           with the Alliance's SAFE-Therapy guidelines) 

4. The Alliance has a training program that allows our clinical partners to           earn "preferred providers" referral status if they so choose.

         (We invite you to visit the Clinical Division pages on this site for more information.)


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