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  • Ethics apply to every aspect of an individual's life: their character, actions, values, and their relationship to all of existence. 

  • Every individual experiences their own questions and issues that cause concern, distress, and/or unhappiness. 

  • All must identify personal goals, compatible with freely chosen beliefs and values, and must be free to seek out support, comfort and healthcare to modify unwanted sexual attractions.

  • The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity seeks to support discreet, gentle, and pervasive healing voices in all cultural venues, social settings and spiritual communities.


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   “Love cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”             Karl  A. Menninger, MD

  • Family members must understand the painful struggle of same sex attracted relatives.  

  • Family members who acknowledge their particular impulses and temptations for instant gratification can best empathize and build intentional compassionate relationships.

  • The overpowering gay activist agenda can discourage creation of healing bridges in families.   

  • Families deserve access to empirically sound knowledge and research regarding unwanted sexual attractions and biological sex dysphoria.

  • Family members can take heart; unwanted sexual arousal pattern(s) usually begin to diminish as mutually respectful and non-erotic same sex relationships are nurtured.

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Spiritual communities are important sources of bonding and healing community!

  • Persons in formal roles within a spiritual community need tools to provide help comfort, and guidance to individuals with unwanted same sex erotic desires. 

  • Friendship and bonding, both across genders and within one’s own gender, generate relief from the anxious loneliness common to all.

  • Radical ‘gay activist’ and ‘transgender’ movements are rooted in a meta-physical (religious) world view, embracing a radical subjective human autonomy.

  • The spiritual community must feel free to question the ‘sexual identity’ paradigm and be equipped with empirically sound knowledge.

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A message from the Chair of the Ethics, Family and Faith Division, Andy Visser, Licensed Mental Health Counselor: 

Thank-you for your interest and exploring our mission. We vigorously promote the right of self-determination for individuals struggling with unwanted sexual attractions or uneasiness with their biological sex. Knowledge and confidence from friends, families and faith communities is crucial for individuals struggling with these issues. Historically our Alliance (a ‘not for profit C 3’ tax exempt organization) has provided education, skill development and solid research for behavioral health professionals – our counselors and doctors. Our division is a relatively new outreach to the broader audience of friends, family and faith communities. 


Ethically all individuals have the right to set goals and receive encouragement that is compatible with their freely chosen personal and religious values. Families, friends, and mentors can be equipped to empathize, enfold and journey with those individuals struggling along these difficult paths. The intense self-hatred, depression, and suicidal tendencies experienced by many strugglers on these paths is amplified by the gay activist movement as it loudly shouts the scientifically  inaccurate message ‘BORN THAT WAY - NO HOPE FOR CHANGE!’  


Faith communities, social institutions and families must not overlook the pain and further remove hope for the suffering. Faith communities are being pressured and bullied into accepting the loudly shouted ‘born that way’ mythology. Far better than leaving the anguished in their pain, please consider joining our effort to bring hope and healing. As an Alliance member you can receive regular encouraging information, helpful education, and assistance in obtaining referrals to professional counselors who value and respect the desire for change and healing. Thank-you for your interest, prayers, and support! 

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