Client Rights - Principles Protecting a Free People

  1. Clients have the right to a safe space for self-exploration and self-determination with a therapist who honors their freely chosen values.

  2. Clients have the right to integrate their personal values, spiritual beliefs, or religious faith into their therapy and their individual growth process.

  3. Clients should never be treated against their will or encouraged to seek therapy in ways that use manipulation, coercion or authoritarianism.

  4. Clients have the right to discuss their concerns and identify distress without being reduced to diagnostic categories or labels.

  5. Clients have the right to evaluate - with the help of their therapist - the potential risks and benefits of various options and conduct in order to promote personal responsibility and more effective choice making.

  6. Clients have the right to seek therapy from a licensed mental health professional for any personal motivation free from governmental obstruction or intrusion.  

Understanding the California Therapy Ban Legislation.  CLICK HERE

Follow the Assembly line: How one-party rule in California yielded draconian legislation against ‘conversion therapy

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