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Medical Division Committee:

Anthony Duk, MD

John Raney, MD

Michelle Cretella, MD

Daniel Harrop, MD

Paul Church, MD

A Message from the Chair of the Medical Division, Keith Vennum, M.D.

The medical professionals of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice care deeply about the well-being of our patients and understand that we have a primary obligation to teach and educate the community about the health challenges associated with any risky sexual behavior. So how can a responsible medical professional make the life of a person who identifies as LGBTQ better? The answer lies not in affirming and promoting alternative lifestyles, but by suggesting – when appropriate - compassionate options to motivated individuals. By being informed, about what the psychological sciences show and what caring counseling can offer patients can make better, healthier life choices. And for some individuals, understanding that choices actually exist may for the first time open for their consideration the possibility that they can experience a meaningful, satisfying, healthy life more in keeping with their deeply held religious, spiritual and family values.


The articles and information presented on the website are not intended to demean or frighten anyone. However, we do believe that truth presented through the lens of good scientific information and the availability of competent psychiatric counseling can open new, healthier possibilities for those individuals who recognize that their life trajectory is not promising. We invite the participation of medical professionals concerned about the sexual health of their patients to join with us. We also urge those with unwanted homosexual feelings who might not have previously considered doing so to reach out to an informed, caring Alliance medical professional for assistance.

Other possible resources:

(While these are not organizations or resources affiliated with the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice if you are looking for information or assistance they may be helpful.)

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