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The Journal of Human Sexuality Volume 14 - 2023
A publication of The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity


In a world that is increasingly hostile to the open exchange of ideas and investigation into controversial topics we believe that research is only useful when it has the courage to ask the hard questions. You will find papers, research reviews and book reviews in the Journal of Human Sexuality that you won't find anywhere else.


That is why we encourage writers and researchers, clinicians and academics to submit articles that other publications may be unwilling to consider.

We believe research should be available to the general public. Most professional journals make their content available only to those who purchase a subscription. The most current edition of the Journal of Human Sexuality is available to members of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice every fall and one year later to everyone! That is why the complete contents of the nine public editions of the Journal of Human Sexuality are available on-line, here and on other sites where clinicians, academics, researchers, students and the general public can read them.

Journal of Human Sexuality Volume 14 - 2023 (Print - Soft Cover)

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