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Research Division Committee

Phil Sutton, PhD

Neil Whitehead, PhD

Rebecca Taylor, LCSW

Al Howsepian, MD

Dermot O'Callaghan, MA

Laura Haynes, PhD

A Message from the Chair of the Research Division, Christopher Rosik,  Ph.D.

Welcome to the research division of the Alliance.  Our existence is predicated on the importance of research in guiding our understanding of sexual orientation and the clinical care of those with unwanted same-sex attractions.  The current lack of ideological diversity among researchers in this area means that the literature is subject to unintentional and (sometimes) intentional bias in interpretation and an incomplete understanding of what the science can and cannot tell us.  The research division strives to provide some counterbalance to this professional lacuna through several means that include the following:


  1. Producing articles, information and research that are suitable content for the Alliance website and the Journal of Human Sexuality.

  2. Providing critical reviews of current research on sexual orientation and related topics to disseminate to our membership and the general public.

  3. Producing an annual updated research report that can be used to educate professionals and a public version suitable for informing a general audience.

  4. Developing research-based documents that can be used to defend clinical processes and client self-determination in the courts, legislatures, and with professional organizations.

  5. To build alliances with and be a resource for like-minded organizations – in ways that do not undermine our commitment to science and clinical / client integrity – in order to protect the right of individuals to receive therapeutic assistance from licensed professionals to live lives congruent with their personal values and goals.


The research division has provided much of the content presented on the Alliance website and in our journal that many have come to rely on to obtain a fully informed perspective regarding the science of sexual orientation and the practice of sexual attraction fluidity exploration in therapy (SAFE-T).  We remain the only professional mental health organization dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals experiencing unwanted same-sex attractions and behaviors to pursue their self-determined goals in therapy and the rights of therapists to provide such care.  We encourage your membership in the Alliance as a way of supporting our division and welcome participation in our division by any member who has an interest in conducting, reviewing, and/or disseminating research to provide a highly needed alternative perspective on the science of sexual orientation and SAFE-T.

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