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Why Therapeutic Choice Matters

The Threat to Freedom Has Never Been Greater!

Offering a principled, professional response to the challenges of human sexuality.

Current legislation being considered by the California legislature would ban licensed professional therapy for adults who have questions about their unwanted homosexual feelings (or gender identity) or are experiencing unwanted sexual attractions. In 2012 California passed a bill - SB1172 - that eliminated the right of adolescents or children to receive any professional counseling for their confused or unwanted homosexual feelings that was not gay affirming. No matter what their religious values are. No matter what their personal goals or individual needs are. No matter how much they may wish to avoid certain behaviors any attempt to decrease those attractions or explore their heterosexual possibilities is now illegal in a growing number of states. And now these same radical political activists want to eliminate these same opportunities for counseling conversations or any meaningful association with any counselor who would share their religious values in an open, transparent exploration of their sexual attractions. 
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